Nicola Connor Boot Camps Launch!

I’m a REPS level 3 Advanced Gym Instructor and run a Personal Training and fitness company here in the North!  I’ve just launched a series of unique high intensity Boot Camps in Peterlee, Hartlepool & Seaham and I’m keen to drive forward the latest training techniques and nutrition to help people get as fit as possible as fast as possible!

On top of my boot camp sessions I also run a variety of other services which can be accessed under the services heading of the menu above.  From small group sessions to one to one Personal Training, I fully recognise that every person is an individual.  With individual and goals, bodyshapes, genetics, requirements and needs … and it is my job to bring deliver the word ‘Personal’ when it comes to Personal Training.  This isn’t just about being with you during your time in the gym.  It is about being there throughout the process of changing your fitness, your body and your lifestyle.  I’ll be there to help you make the best choices for your health and guarantee to support you in working towards a healthier and better life.